About Interspectral

Interspectral AB, a spin-off company from Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, is a visualization software company focused on volumetric rendering and 3D-digitization. Our core business is to develop and market our visualisation software Inside Explorer and provide custom solutions and professional services.

What We Do

Interspectral creates intuitive interactive visualization experiences based on reality capture 3D data. We enable our customers to analyse, visualize and publish complex volumetric and surface 3D-data. Our mission is to develop the most intuitive and innovative visualization software for rendering of reality capture 3D-data.

We have a close partnership with a international network of leading research organisations and companies within the field of medical imaging, 3D-digitization and scientific visualization. Our technology is today used by customers worldwide including well known institutions and companies such as British Museum, Natural History Museum, The Field Museum and Autodesk.

Our core product Inside Explorer and its predecessor Virtual Autopsy Table have gained vast international attention and have been featured in leading media such as BBC, Wired, The Verge, National Geographic, The Guardian, The Times, Nova, Channel 4, CBS News, and Der Spiegel.


The Interspectral team consists of a mix of engineers, designers, 3D-visualization and 3D- imaging experts with a background in state-of-the-art visualization projects within academia and R&D intensive industry. Together we hold a unique expertise in 3D-visualization, 3D-digitization, software development and interaction design making it possible to deliver innovative products and services with high quality and a fantastic user experience.


Interspectral AB was founded 2014 and is a spin-off company from Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, an experimental IT & design research institute. The company is based in Norrköping, Sweden.

The company is based on medical visualization technology and research developed in a cross-disciplinary collaboration between Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, Visualization Center C and Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization.