This policy is based on current data protection legislation GDPR and clarifies how we work to care for your rights and privacy. You should feel confident when you entrust your personal information to us.

We aim to tell you how we handle your personal information, what we use it for,  who will get a hold of it and how you can use your rights.


We handle your personal information primarily to fulfill our obligations and offerings towards you. Our starting point is to not process more personal information than is necessary, and we always strive to use the least sensitive data. We only examine personal information when we have a legal basis to do so.


What personal data do we handle?

Here are examples of personal data we handle:

  •    Name
  •    Email address
  •    Phone number
  •    Title
  •    Company (where you work and your workplace address)
  •    Photographs, video and sound
  •    Entries you listed voluntarily
  •    Content that you publish (so-called user-generated content)
  •    In connection with recruitments, or similar specific contexts, we also collect information about your address and your social security number

How do we access your personal information?

Most personal information we treat about you is information that you have chosen to give to us about yourself in different situations.

We also have access to your personal information as follows:

  •       Information that is registered when you visit our website. We use cookies.
  •       Information we receive when you sign up for newsletters and other mailings.
  •       Information we receive when you contact us, seek employment with us, visit us, or otherwise contact us.

As far as possible, we collect your consent to our terms and conditions and also to process personal information for a specific cause.

When we collect your personal information for the first time, we will inform you about how we will handle your personal data, what we will use it for, what rights you have under data protection laws, and how you can use your rights.

Your rights

  • Right to access information.
  • Right to check your personal information
  • Right to withdraw your consent
  •  Right to lodge a complaint.

All communications and actions we take in connection with the exercise of your rights are provided free of charge. However if you make a manifestly unreasonable or unauthorized request, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for the costs incurred for us to provide you with the requested information or to take the necessary steps to comply with your request or refuse such a request .

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us by contacting us directly at

Processing Your Information

We handle your information safely. The starting point is that only those within the organization who need your data in order to perform their duties should have access to them.

When do we leave your personal information?

Our starting point is not to disclose your personal information to third parties unless you have consented to it, or if it is not necessary to fulfill our obligations under contract or law.

Do we transfer your personal information to third parties?

Yes, in some motivated contexts we do. We implement reasonable technical, organizational and legal security measures in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements to ensure that your personal information is handled securely when the data is transferred or shared with third parties.

We do not sell your personal information to any third party.

We use different types of IT systems and services that are necessary to provide you with the services you request and to enable us to conduct our business. Suppliers are committed to us as our personal information assistants and treat only personal information on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions.

If you would like more information about the third parties we share your personal information with, please feel free to contact us.

Sharing data to third parties

Tools Data
Pipedrive CRM system that we use for managing and follow-ups on customer contacts Our mail server and also calendar tool
Mailchimp The tool we use to send out newsletters, information and invitations to those who have signed up for it, our customers and partners. When you provide your contact information to us, we will store these in this service to send important information and/or market information to you.
Dropbox Internal file server
Microsoft Office 365 All programs within the office package, as well as e-mail is used for daily work
Google, Apple, etc. We use different cloud-based systems individually for communication and other work. All of these systems have their own management for their respective customers. We do not sell any data from Interspectral without using the services for individual use and the opportunity to perform daily work.
Aspia MyBusiness Economy and Payroll.
TwitterLinkedInSkype Social channels used for contact and communication
Other parties In addition to these third parties, the database and its contents remain with us. Your personal information is not forwarded by us or our representatives for the use of any third party in any form, unless we have your permission or are required to do so by law.

We retain the control and responsibility for the use of the personal data you provide to us. Some data may be stored or processed in computers in jurisdictions outside the EU and EEA, whose personal data regulations may differ from Swedish regulations. In such cases, we ensure that appropriate safeguards are taken to ensure that data processing in that country maintains a personal data protection equivalent to that in Sweden.


What do we do with your personal information and why do we do that?

What Personal Data handled Legal basis
Communication and correspondence with you via email, phone or digital channels The contact information – Name and email address etc. As you submit in your question Processing is necessary for our legitimate interest to help you answer your comments. and questions and to meet your request for communication with us.
Reply to your comments and questions Information you provide. For example, information about your question or questions you ask about our services.
Internal administration of questions or comments via email, social media or equivalent. If you contact us via our digital channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube): Your profile name and photo
Administration and mailing of newsletters with information about Interspectral, news and services. Name, Email Address, Any Company Your consent. If you want information, news and invitations to Interspectral, our companies and offers or promotional information, you can sign up for one of our newsletters. You can revoke your consent at any time (read more about this under “How to access your personal information”) and we will stop sending your newsletters and information to you.
User-generated data related to newsletters and invitations we have sent to you (for example, information about the emails you have opened, which links in the emails you have clicked), Legitimate interest in fulfilling our commitment to you Subscribing to our newsletter
Technical data about the devices you use and its settings (such as IP address, geographic location, browser settings, platform)

When you apply for a job with us

When you apply for a job with us, you apply with a CV, a personal letter or a LinkedIn profile. We collect data that concerns you as a person and your area of ​​expertise. For explanatory reasons, we collect all the information needed to make conclusions if you are fit to work with us at Interspectral.

How long do we store your personal information?

When we process your personal information based on our legitimate interest, you have the right to object to the processing at any time. Your personal data may be stored longer than above, if we are required to do so by law, regulation or decision by the authorities.

When processing is done to comply with legal obligations, your personal data will be processed for as long as stated in the relevant legal obligation.

Other personal information associated with newsletters and information releases based on your consent will continue processing until you withdraw your consent or otherwise indicate that you no longer wish to use the services of Interspectral.

When we process user-generated data from the site (e.g., information about the pages visited and the time spent on our website, clicked links, and content views) collected through the use of cookies, the processing will continue for 12 months.

The same type of personal data can be processed for different purposes and based on different legal reasons, such as processing based on our obligations to fulfill an agreement with you based on our legitimate interest or based on your consent. This means that certain personal data may still be stored by us, even if you withdraw your consent and the treatment for which your consent expires. This also means that certain personal data can be eliminated from a system because it is no longer necessary for a particular purpose but is still stored in another system based on your consent or for another purpose for which personal information is still required. In some cases, cookies that we use may contain personal information. You will find information about the storage time for cookies on your computer.


Interspectral is a personally responsible entity, which means that we are responsible for the processing of your personal data and the use of your rights. It is the CEO, together with the board, which is ultimately responsible from Interspectral’s side.

If you have any questions about our processing of your personal data or your rights in connection with this, please request pertaining to your personal information and / or rights, please contact us at Our mailing address is Interspectral, Hospitalsgatan 8, 602 27 Norrköping