Inside Explorer can be supplied with pre-installed content based on unique 3D scans provided by Interspectral and leading research organisations. All content comes with background information, interactive hotspots and prepared bookmarks. We have a vast library of content, below you can find some examples. If you miss something we can scan it for you. Contact us for a complete list of content.

  • Storytelling

    All content comes with pre-defined bookmarks, interactive annotations and a teacher’s guide.


    The ability to continously add new content will keep Inside Explorer up to date for returning visitors and enable you to easily change the theme and application of the table.


    Inside Explorer is multilingual. Many languages available: English, Arabic, Spanish, French and Russian.

Examples – Human anatomy

Examples – Animal anatomy

Examples – Other

contact us for full list of content

To get the full Inside Explorer experience you can book a live demo.