Inside Explorer 3D technology featured in new PBS Mummy Virtual Autopsy Documentary

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The Woman in the Iron Coffin’ aired Oct 3rd2018 as part of the PBS strand Secrets of the Dead. It tells the story of a woman found accidentally on a construction site in the Queen’s area of New York, USA. She was about 166 years old and had been buried in a Fisk Metallic Burial Case and was exceptionally well preserved. Examination of the body lead to the shocking discovery that she had suffered from smallpox.Read More

Georgia Aquarium evaluates Swedish 3D education technology for 100 Million USD expansion


Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world, housing more than a hundred different species and thousands of animals. In 2020, Georgia Aquarium is planning a 100 million USD expansion resulting in a new exhibit where educational aspects will be central. As part of the expansion, the Aquarium is partnering with Swedish visualization company Interspectral to evaluate how interactive 3D technology can be used for education and to further enhance the learning experience in the new gallery.

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3D X-Ray reveals hidden secrets of Cold War spy gadgets


The International Spy Museum in Washington DC has the largest collection of espionage artifacts placed on public display. Spanning from the Enigma cipher machine to popular culture items used in fictitious portrayals of espionage in movies and television programs, the museum celebrates the ingenuity and imagination of spies from all over the world.

Spy Museum WASHINGTON, DC (Photo by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for AMC)

Today, using new cutting edge visualization technologies provided by Swedish visualisation company Interspectral, the museum can unravel the secrets of one of their most enthralling objects – a spy pen used during the Cold War.

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