3D X-Ray reveals hidden secrets of Cold War spy gadgets


The International Spy Museum in Washington DC has the largest collection of espionage artifacts placed on public display. Spanning from the Enigma cipher machine to popular culture items used in fictitious portrayals of espionage in movies and television programs, the museum celebrates the ingenuity and imagination of spies from all over the world.

Spy Museum WASHINGTON, DC (Photo by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for AMC)

Today, using new cutting edge visualization technologies provided by Swedish visualisation company Interspectral, the museum can unravel the secrets of one of their most enthralling objects – a spy pen used during the Cold War.

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New human anatomy content – ”3D Printing and Implants”


Interspectral collaborates with leading researchers, museums  and other organizations world-wide to create a unique extensive library featuring high quality 3D content, covering a wide variety of topics. We are now happy to announce a great addition to our human anatomy content library.
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Ancient Egyptian mummies travel digitally to Milan


On September 13th the exhibition “EGYPT -The extraordinary discovery of Pharaoh Amenhotep II” will open at the Mudec Museum of Cultures in Milan. The exhibition will include an interactive Inside Explorer exhibit were the visitors will be able to explore mummies from the famous collection of Rijksmuseum van Oudheden.  In this post we have invited Hanneke Kik, project manager, and Dr. Lara Weiss, curator, to tell about the museums long history of non-invasive mummy analysis research work and how they use Inside Explorer to create new permanent and traveling exhibitions.Read More