Glasgow Science Centre

Visitors to the Glasgow Science Centre can now perform their own virtual autopsy on the Inside Explorer Table. It’s one of the interactive exhibits being showcased as part of the Science Centre’s new £2 million exhibition BodyWorks that opened 2013.

The BodyWorks exhibition showcases cutting edge research and innovation in the health and wellbeing sector and is found on Floor 3 of Glasgow Science Centre where it fills 700 square meters. BodyWorks offers interactive exhibits, research capsules and live laboratory experiences, which gives the visitors the opportunity to practically explore the biomedical sciences in the 21st Century.

Under the title “Getting under the skin” visitors to the exhibition can learn more about medical imaging and perform an virtual autsopy with help of the Inside Explorer Table.

Quick facts:

Location: Glasgow Science Center
Type: Permanent exhibition
Installation: 2013
Content: Medical scans
Hardware: Complete 55” interactive display and workstation for integration.
Services: Localization, Custom UI, installation and support


Visit the Bodyworks website to learn more