We have extensive experience in the field of real-time volumetric rendering, 3D-visualization and digitization. Together with our network of partners we offer our customers custom solutions and a wide range of services spanning from 3D-scanning to software development. We take on complex 3D-digitization projects assisting you with everything from concept development, 3D-scanning, data processing, software development, content production, 3D-printing, hardware integration and support.


Based on your existing volumetric CT or MRI scans we can generate interactive 3D-visualizations, animations, images, polygonal models and physical 3D-replicas using 3D-printing.


Custom 3D-digitization projects assisting you with everything from concept development, 3D-scanning and data processing to custom software development and content production.


We provide or arrange 3D volumetric/surface scanning and consulting services in medical imaging and radiology in all phases of your 3D digitization project.