Inside Explorer enable museums world wide to improve their research and present the collections in a new and exciting way. With help of Inside Explorer its now possible to easily create an interactive in-gallery experience based on complex 3D x-ray and surface scans. Let your visitor gets hands on with your collections and create a bridge between science and outreach.

  • inside_02_credit_interspectral_abMaking the invisible visible

    With help of Inside Explorer you can virtually dissect objects that are otherwise impossible or very hard to explore. It could be very small things, fragile and precious objects, or artefacts with an interesting interior.

  • 140217_tii_026From mummies to meteorites

    Our customers are using Inside Explorer to create the most fascinating experiences based on scientifically correct 3D scans of everything fro mummies to meteorites.

  • nobel_dubai_exhibtionFlexible and versatile

    Inside Explorer is very flexible and versatile. You can create centrepiece exhibits in blockbuster exhibitions; improve your permanent galleries, or use it for events and public programming.

This technology allow us to learn more about life and death in ancient Egypt, but most importantly our visitors can take part in that exploration and discovery process.Neal Spencer, Keeper of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum, London

Working with the best

We have been working with some of the largest and most prominent museums in the world to create  amazing in gallery interactive experiences. Read the case studies below to learn more what we can do for you.

Natural History Museum, London
British Museum
The Field Museum
The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities
Kew Garden
Rijksmuseum Oudheden
Utah Natural History Museum
Wellcome collection
Nobel Museum
Natoinal Museum of Technology

The digitisation process

Interspectral can assist you in all the steps of a 3D-digitization project, from concept development to 3D-scanning and the production of the final user experience, ready to be installed at your museum.

1. Scan the object – 3D x-ray scanning

Interspectral provides 3D volumetric scanning using technologies such as medical 3D CT and MRI and industrial 3D MicroCT.  With volumetric scanning its possible to capture not only the exterior but the complete interior of an object. We have scanned everything from mummies, meteorites and fossils to electronics, mechanical components and material samples.

We work with some of the best scanning labs in the world giving you access to state-of-the-art equipment ensuring reliable high quality results. We can also support your own scanning project by giving directions for optimal results.

2. SCAN THE OBJECT – 3D surface scanning

We assist you to scan any small to medium sized object using the 3D surface scanning method suitable for your project. We have experience from working with technologies such as laser scanning, photogrammetry and handheld scanners. Whatever tool we use the result is always a high resolution 3D model with or without texture.

 3. 3D data processing

Based on new or on your existing 3D volumetric or surface scans we can create captivating interactive 3D-visualizations, animations, images, polygonal models and physical 3D-replicas using 3D-printing.


We can support your discovery process by providing leading expertise in radiology and scientific visualization. We also deliver powerful easy to use visualization tools and infrastructure.

 5. Creating the interactive experience

Based on your 3D scans and with help of Inside Explorer we create amazing interactive user experiences. We can generate interactive 3D-visualizations, animations, images, polygonal models and physical 3D-replicas using 3D-printing.

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